Why Rent Walkie Talkies? Advantages to Renting Two Way Radios

Why should you rent walkie talkies?

As you may know, there is a lot of licensing and red tape that goes into two way radio usage. Laws are put in place to ensure that critical radio infrastructure and operations do not interfere with each other. Unless you use radio for recreation purposes (and sometimes even then), acquiring professional grade walkie talkies is recommended for safety, security, and legality. FRS or Family Radio Service are frequencies that are shared and do not require a license; however, if the radios are not programmed properly (or are self programmable) and you transmit on a licensed frequency that does not belong to you, you can be subject to fines or other legal ramifications. FRS channels are in the same range as licensed channels so this is not hard to do. Further, radios such as Baofeng can allow users to program their radios to channels that would be illegal to transmit on, among other issues. Programming radios correctly and in alignment with laws and standards can be quite difficult to get right, which is why customers often choose to rent radios instead.

Why you might consider renting professional two way radios

One major factor in deciding to rent radios rather than buy radios is the cost. Receiving new equipment can be a larger upfront cost rather than the ongoing cost (operational expense) of renting radios. Rather than purchase a whole system that will need to be upgraded at some point, users that rent can receive equipment that will meet their needs without having to deal with the system aging out of use.

Renting two way radios allows customers to skip the headache of licensing, programming, and setup while assuring they are operating legally and mitigating any issues that come up during radio usage. This also lets you avoid making mistakes that may be specific to types of radio operation. Not to mention that radio licensing can take time, so if a private channel is needed you may have to wait a while. For example, did you know that crane operation radios need to be programmed to a lower power output? These types of requirements can be hard to keep track of. Our customers trust us to take care of the regulations, licenses, and programming to meet industry requirements.

Additionally, radios often need equipment in addition to the physical radio. Extra batteries, chargers, speaker microphones, and other types of equipment are typically used to meet the needs of users. We have a variety of equipment that is available to use with rentals. We can walk through how these components work and set them up for use.

Overall, renting radios allows users to skip the issues associated with licensing, programming, legality, equipment, and setup. This lets you rent and use the radio equipment you need without the extra work. For individuals who need radios in a short time period who want to legally operate and avoid any concerns, renting walkie talkies may be for you.

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*Note: the information provided in this article is not legal advice and should not be taken as such. Please consult with a legal professional and Industry Canada as well as other governing bodies for exact legal requirements and consequences before operating a two way radio. This article is given as an opinion on why radio rentals are advantageous and reflects the opinion of the author of the article.