What to Know when Renting Walkie Talkies for Film

Are you looking for film set walkie talkie rentals? We have helped a great deal of films meet their communications needs and we would love to help you. There are a couple of things that need to be considered when renting radios.

What to consider when renting two way radios for film

What is the size of your film production? Knowing how many radios you need is important as a first consideration. Canada Wide Communications has radios for any size film set whether it is a dozen or less to hundreds. In addition to knowing how many radios, it is good to know which of these radios will need long range capability. Our repeater system can help set decs, transport, construction, and other departments get quality long range radio communication. We offer custom programming or preset plans for film set (short range) radios as well as for transport radios and other long range departments. Film set radios typically require quick startup so that they can be turned on an off when the set is live which requires a specific radio type.

  1. What equipment do you need? We have a variety of headsets, speaker mics, surveillance headsets, chargers, extra batteries and much more. If you don't know, we can help! Discussing your requirements is a great way for us to decide what might serve you best.
  2. How long will you need the radios for? It is usually a good idea to set a timeline on how long each radio will be needed for. Separating radios into groups with the length of time that they are needed is a good way to save, as you can return walkie talkies when you are done with them.
  3. How will you keep track of the radios? We keep a list of serial numbers of the rented radios and can tell you after you return them, whether any are missing. It is usually recommended that you keep a list of which serial numbers went to each person so that you can ensure all radios are returned.
  4. Where will you be using the radios? If you are using them in the province of B.C. we have custom programming that will help to reduce the incidence of interference with other users. In addition our 16 channel standard plans allow private channels for ADs and other channels to be used for the rest of your team. Further, long range walkie talkies help your distant transport and set dec workers stay in touch.

Whatever your needs or concerns are, we can help you understand your requirements and assist you in getting started. Please contact us for more information!